Answer One Question & Have a Good Week-end!

Well it’s Friday! For most of us it’s the end of the week (being married to a fire-fighter I’m very mindful that lots of you work all sorts of hours!)

However your week has been, good, bad or average, you are at the end of it. Woo Hoo!

In the spirit of appreciative inquiry (click the link to read more on this topic), take a few moments to review what has gone well for you this week.  Even in the worst of times something will have worked well for you. Make a quick list of those moments.

If you can, identify what actually caused those things to work well. Maybe you were particularly intuitive, or took the initiative? Maybe you had done some preparation or maybe you acted spontaneously? Perhaps you tried a very small change in your routine or stuck with your tried and tested methods? Or talked to someone new, or listened to advice?

Whatever it was, make a note of it and take all the good from this week into the next, and leave the less than wonderful stuff in the past!

Happy week end!

Photo Credit: Mohammed Karim


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