Advice? It’s a Gift!

We all get offered unasked for advice from time to time. Does your heart sink as you hear the fateful words “If I were you I’d …?

Yes, mine does too.

But not all advice is useless even when unwanted. The trouble is if we haven’t asked for it we tend to automatically stop listening to it and thereby possible missing an absolute gem!

So here’s a tip. The next time someone proffers you some advice, think of it as a gift from your favourite Auntie.

In your mind’s eye see them giving you an unexpected gift. Stop, smile and listen. Once unwrapped it may be something so tasteless that you’ll be offering it to the nearest charity shop as soon as you possibly can. But they have given you a gift and as you’re a polite woman you’ll say thanks so very much and not hurt their feelings by dashing it to the ground.

You may not want to give it pride of place on your mantle piece but it might make it to the spare bedroom. And one day, as things change, maybe it will just look good in a more prominent place! You’ll never know if you don’t unwrap it!

What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

Photo Credit: Marija Jura


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