3 Top Tips for a Confidence Boost!

Confidence. When we’ve got it all manner of things become easier. When we’ve lost it all manner of things become harder…

It’s such a nebulous thing but fortunately there are things we can do to boost our confidence when the confidence wobble strikes.

Here are 3 of my favourite tips for becoming more confident:

1) Take a deep breath.

Not too deep – don’t hyperventilate! If you can, plant your feet firmly on the floor, hold your torso as straight as you can (stay comfortable), breathe out as much air from your lungs as is comfortable and now breathe in. Feel the breath flowing through your body. Try that a couple of times and then just breathe normally.

When we begin to feel lacking in confidence we tend to want to make ourselves small, hunch up and try not to be seen. That has the effect of further decreasing our confidence. (Read An Easy Confidence Boost for the science!) Looking more confident and allowing your body to breathe properly actually helps you to be more confident! Try it now.

2) Tame Your Inner Sabateur

We’ve all got one. That little voice just waiting for our defences to drop before it kicks in. On my Renewyou course I call this the internal mail that you really need to delete before reading it. Recognise the subject heading and do not open!

Take a few moments to listen to your inner dialogue when lacking in confidence. It may be something like “You can’t do that“, “What are you thinking? You’ll look ridiculous“, “Better to say nothing and not take a risk“, “Don’t get above yourself“, “You didn’t get the job last time, don’t put yourself through that again“.

You can really boost your confidence by harnessing that inner saboteur and converting it to your side. The negative message is very powerful in sapping confidence but the good news is that a positive message can be very powerful in boosting your confidence! Turn the negative into a positive. For more information on how to do this take a look at Tips on Positive Thinking but in essence talk kindly to yourself and be your own best friend.

3. Get Back in Your Zone of Confidence

Take yourself back in your mind’s eye to a time when it did come together. It may have been at school, in a previous job, or maybe just yesterday! Often we have confidence in certain areas of our lives and not in others. So we’ll happily undertake a half marathon but are fearful of public speaking. Or vice versa…

Focus on your confident area and remember there once was a time when you couldn’t do that either. (Read First You Wobble, not least because  it has a lovely picture which will make smile!). We get confident by having a go at something. If you can think yourself in the frame of mind when you are good at doing something, it’ll boost your confidence for that first time feeling. (Hope I’m making sense here!!). Take a few moments out to see yourself being good at something and shift your focus from failure to success!

If you have any tips to share on how to boost confidence, please do use the comments section below. I love to hear from you! And if you’ve enjoyed this post you might like to get them sent straight to your in box – simply fill in your email in the RSS box, top right of this page!

Photo Credit: Beth McDonald


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2 Responses to “3 Top Tips for a Confidence Boost!”

  1. Joan Henshaw says:

    Good points Jane. My tip would be; accept you can be both flawed and fabulous. After all, nobody really wants the perfect; boss, partner, friend, sister, daughter etc do they? I think we often undermine our confidence by trying to be perfect. I’ve written more about this (within the context of management confidence) in this blog http://bit.ly/nC1gUa
    Best wishes. Joan

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