3 Tips for a Great Working Day!

Do you ever think you could get more out of life?

Sometimes I allow my days to glide past without taking full advantage of them. Then I get to the evening and feel vaguely dissatisfied. Yes, I’ve been working all day but I have been more reactive than proactive and allowed myself to respond to events as they have happened, rather than making how I spend my day a conscious effort.

Other days though are quite different and I get to the end bathed in a glow of satisfaction of a job well done! That is often to do with people I have encountered but it’s also when I have taken conscious control of what I am doing. In my case that means making a plan for the day, but that may not do it for you!

Here are three tips for having a GREAT DAY!

1) Think About it the Night Before
I used to work with a Buddhist monk. Each night he would meticulously clear his desk so as to leave it ‘as if he had never been there.’ I have not quite managed that (my desk would be a great study of my personality!). However, what does work well for me is taking a few moments at the end of each day to think about what I want to achieve the next day. It works even better if I write it down, either on post it notes stuck to my screen, or on my whiteboard. Don’t go too mad and make an impossible list. Maybe just list the three things that are most important.

My list for today was:

Write a blog post (tick)

Spend at least 2 hours on my ongoing project (a download version of RenewYou)

Sort out some of my Inspirational Women interviews (I have a bit of a back log!)

I don’t put down on it things that are booked into my diary, such as my discussion today with Jayne Cox. I kind of regard that as ‘cheating’ as that will happen as it’s booked in!

2) Plan Your Unimportant Time Too
Plan in a time when you will do the necessary but not over important things, like chat on twitter, answer e mails, phone colleagues, etc. Conversely have a period of time when you don’t get distracted, like my two hours on RenewYou. I plan to turn off twitter, email etc and just get my head down (although I will have a tea break in the middle!)

3) Work Out YOUR Best Time
Acknowledge when your best time is and make sure you fully utilise that to do your most important work. First thing is usually my best time so I plan that time to do things that stretch me, or that I don’t actually want it to do, as I need that extra oomph to push me along. But you may be different and use your best time to do things you love the most! It’s up to you; the main thing is to make it work for you!

How do you make sure you get the best out of your day?


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7 Responses to “3 Tips for a Great Working Day!”

  1. Jayne Cox says:

    Fab to speak Jane and yes I include work, play and just being time in my day. X

  2. Believe it or not I am very organised. I leave myself a list of things that need to be done/followed up (keeping in mind that in recruitment you never quite know what is going to land on your desk!). However what really makes my working day happy is the company of my staff (all very funny and cheery!) and of course .. the office dogs! I actually look forward to coming to work (ok maybe not 100 pct of the time)but mostly! .. I am a morning lady .. come 3pm I could quite happily go home .. I am far far more productive between 6am and 3pm!

  3. Ceri says:

    I absolutely agree that planning your day is essential, as is structuring your day to allow you perform at peak. I know I can work late into the evening but I am not an early morning person, so always try to plan important calls or meetings from midmorning onwards, clearing the more mundane tasks early in the day when I don’t have to be quite so alert. As its the mundane I generally hate doing this also has the added bonus of enabling me to tick the ‘worst’ tasks on my to do list first, so I can look forward to the rest of my day – and evening !

    • Jane says:

      I do believe it Jayne, I know your background! And Ceri, thanks for the comment. Good point about getting mundane stuff out of the way first!

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  5. Carissa Dunphy says:

    I am a big fan of “Think About it the Night Before”. This works well for my brain – I feel as though I’m saving quite a bit of time if I finish my thoughts at night. When I start going again in the morning I only need to remember the end result, not which thought I was in the middle of. Very good points!

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