3 Life Coaching Lessons from Cats!

I have two cats; I am, in fact,  a mad cat lady in training. That soubriquet was given to me in fun a few years ago when I first acquired my two rescue kittens.

I like the title (heaven knows, I’ve had much worse). Cats have a lot to teach us; my cats may be a tad atypical as they were rescued at a very young age and were not brought up by a cat, but by me.  But then probably all cats think they are human… or rather superior to humans.

This is what I have learned from cats  – could be good lessons for you to follow this week end:

3 Life Coaching Lessons from Cats

  • Eat and sleep when you need to, not when others think you should.
  • If you need a hug ask for one (although not necessarily by rolling on the ground exposing your furry stomach). Let people give you a stroke now and again. And offer the odd snuggle back as you’ll find it results in more hugs.
  • To your own self be true. If doing something doesn’t feel right to you, it’s probably not right for you. Trust your instincts and care more about what you think of yourself than what others think of you. Be an individual cool cat!

What life lessons has pet owning taught you? Please share!

Photo Credit: Pepiotana


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11 Responses to “3 Life Coaching Lessons from Cats!”

  1. Fantastic Jayne … my sentiments exactly!

    I don’t have a cat at the moment, just my “dug”, who does a damn good impersonation of a cat (sleeps all the time and demands attention when SHE wants it!) …

  2. Mrs.D says:

    I think the fact they always put themselves first which isn’t sometimes a bad mantra to have as I don think lots of people give away more than they should in time and emotion

  3. Rachel Linstead says:

    Thanks Jayne for sharing this blog, it is so true, my cat is always a source of inspiration to me but will look at her behaviour in a different light now.
    Have a great weeekend,

    Rachel :0)

    • Jane says:

      Hi Rachel, cats are definitely good for you. Well, that is until I hear that ominous squawking sound of a bird being dragged through the cat flap….I know they are bringing me a gift but…
      Thanks for taking time to stop and comment!

  4. Alison Wren says:

    Love this.

    My cat Katisha’s top tips:

    1. Never take no for an answer.
    2. There is always a way to get to where you want to be (usually between me and my keyboard while I’m trying to work!).

  5. I totally agree. I’ve got three fantastic cats and always noted their assertiveness and ability to say no when they want to, as you say Jane.
    I also noted their incredible ability to detect non-verbal communication and really most of the time they know how I feel. Lately a member of my family was ill and it occurred that they came near me when I was sad. Being near was their way of showing their closeness. And it helped.

    • Jane says:

      You’re so right, Marina. On that understanding feelings point, some years ago my young Godson died at age 18. His mother was with him at the hospital and her partner stayed at home with their young child. She returned and began to tell him when Ben had died.
      “I know exactly when” he said. “Ben’s cat suddenly went mad for about 5 minutes, climbing the curtains and howling. And then he calmed down”
      There’s a lot we don’t yet understand.

  6. Margaret says:

    We don’t have a cat but a scruffy grey one does allow me to use HIS garden which is attached to our house. I speak kindly to him but he gives me a look which seems to say ‘You don’t REALLY expect me to do more than allow you to BE in the garden’. Most of this happens while he is sunning himself on top of the shed.

  7. Caroline Pickford says:

    It was 5am on a Saturday morning. I was studying, and my cat decided to sprawl herself across my keyboard. The message to me was loud and clear. “you should be in bed, and if you won’t stop yourself, I will do it for you!”.
    I took a picture of her and set it as wallpaper on my PC so that every time I logged on I would be reminded about the importance of self management. It worked. xx

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