Your One Minute Mood Lift!

Next time you begin to feel stressed, (unless you are driving!) take one minute out of your hectic schedule to try this.

  • Imagine you are making a scan of your body starting with your head right down to your toes. As you mentally travel down your body be aware where any tension is located and as ‘your scanner’ gets to it, exhale noisily and see the tension flowing away from you with the breath.
  • Close your eyes and allow yourself to smile very slowly. Make sure that you don’t have a clamped jaw and a gritted teeth smile! Just allow a slow soft smile to form on your lips. You should feel your face muscles relaxing as you do this.
  • Think up your own calming words. Words which help you slow down and repeat them slowly in your head. They might be: ‘soft’, ‘calm’, ‘soothe’,’ love’, ‘comfortable’, ‘release’, ‘warmth,’ or ‘relax’. Choose one that works for you.

When life gets a bit busy, give yourself just 60 seconds every day to try the one minute mood lift!

Do share any quick de-stressors you find helpful too!


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8 Responses to “Your One Minute Mood Lift!”

  1. Callie says:

    My favourite word is “cherish” … lovely simple exercise, thanks so much Jane!

  2. Ros Baynes says:

    Feeling better already!

  3. I followed this exercise after I got home from work yesterday evening, and it helped a lot. I managed to bake a cheesecake, tidy my apartment a little, finish the ironing, and managed to get to sleep earlier than usual – quite an achievement, and a most productive evening. Thank you!

    • Jane says:

      Gosh Sebastiaan, I am hugely impressed! Thanks for sharing that story. Bet the cake was lovely! Jane

  4. Caroline Pickford says:

    One very senior, but very personable lady, told me she did star jumps in the loo before a difficult meeting! i was amazed because she is always so cool and relaxed.

    Another top gent explaind to me that he prayed before difficult meetings. He was the last person I would ever have expected to say that.

    I have since tried both (seperately)and they do help.

    I will be trying Janes 1 minute sequence next time.

    I guess the moral is that you should do what ever works for you.

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