Your Leisure Questions

As much of the UK returns to work following a long week end it seems a good time to ask a few questions about your attitude to relaxing. Your leisure time, the time that ‘feeds’ you, when you relax.

  • Can you remember when you last felt totally relaxed?
  • Where were you and what made it relaxing? Were you in control of events or was it a combination of external events?
  • How often do you consciously make time in your life to relax, or do you think it should just happen spontaneously?
  • Are there certain conditions that need to be met for you to be relaxed?
  • Does your best relaxation come when you are with others, or alone?
  • Do you give your relaxation time priority or is the first thing to go when times get busy?
  • How often do you need your leisure/relaxation time?
  • Do you know when you are next going to recharge your batteries?

Do share your favourite tips for relaxation. Regular readers will know that pottering in my garden is one of mine, but I have also recently rediscovered the joy of reading (not work related) in the middle of the day! What do you do to recharge?


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