Your 10 Minute Confidence Boost

One of the best ways to gain confidence is to try things out. The first time you try anything can be nerve wracking but the more often you do it, the more confident you get.

Which is fine when you have the time to develop and grow in confidence in this way. But what about when you have to get it right first time? Most of us, when lacking in confidence, tend to imagine the worst. We see ourselves getting it wrong in all manner of ways:

  • tripping up as we sashay into the room
  • throwing a glass of water over our interviewer
  • burping as we lean in for THE kiss
  • forgetting our speech
  • accidentally tucking the back of our skirt into our knickers…you can add your own worst case scenario!

Be Confident!

Here’s a tip I share with my coaching clients. Sit down somewhere quiet and close your eyes. Listen to the pattern of your breathing, relax, and think through the situation where you want a confidence boost.

Banish all thoughts of disaster; instead mentally run through the scene in your head making yourself the star. You are absolutely brilliant. You don’t put a foot wrong, you are word perfect, immaculately groomed, and your knickers are well out of sight! The more detail that you can add the better the effect.  Focus only on it being a really good experience.

Do this on two or three occasions before the event itself. And when you need that quick confidence boost momentarily close your eyes, remember your visualising, and be wonderful!

What confidence building techniques have worked for you?


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2 Responses to “Your 10 Minute Confidence Boost”

  1. You are so inspiring, Jane! The Art of visualization is always a plus! Thank you for the clear tips. – I especially thank you because I am giving a little presentation to a group of paralegals next week on how I have used social media and the benefits I have seen and relationships I have developed, so I will start that visualizing now!

    • Jane says:

      Julie, you are very generous. I’m glad you liked it and good luck with your presentation which will be amazing!

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