You Are Fabulous!

You are you know! I work with people of all ages, backgrounds, education, culture and class and I never cease to be amazed at how wonderful and resourceful people are.

But it’s true that we are often the last people to see our own strengths, skills and positive attributes. So I suggest you try this exercise now, and next time you feel down, take it out and look at it!

You might want to take a look at this change exercise first and use it as your resource for the following.

Three Things

I want you to think of three things that have been a great success for you. For example, three things for me might be:

1) Being the first female chair of the Medway Schools Council when I was 18.
2) Passing maths GCSE when I was 34 (I had been to two universities by then but maths passed me by until I decided I had to conquer the fear!)
3) Organising a successful party on our 25th wedding anniversary with 200 guests and a secret Elvis impersonator!

Your list will be different because it’s about you! You may well have got maths O level/GCSE easily so will be wondering why I include it here. I didn’t get it easily I tell you!

Never compare yourself when talking about your personal development; it really doesn’t matter what anyone else does. This is about YOU and how fabulous you are!

Once you have your list I want you to think about all the positive aspects of you that helped you to that success. And I want you to write them down. And I want you to own them, as in just don’t put a list of random words but write, ‘I am great at organising’, ‘I am kind hearted’ etc.

Yes, you will feel daft because we don’t do this type of thing often, but this is private so don’t worry. And you will feel better and you will see that you are fabulous! And being fabulous once means that you can be fabulous again! And again! You are fabulous!


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10 Responses to “You Are Fabulous!”

  1. Such fun exercises, Jane! I really like things that make people think about who they are instead of moping and crying about what hasn’t happened yet.

    Thank you for this and the Change Exercise… you bring great things to people!

    • Jane says:

      Julie, you’re a very positive person yourself! Thanks as ever for your comments. Actually the change exercise was recently featured in a Conde Nast publication – I was C in an alphabet for making positive change in your life!

  2. We need to reflect more on (and celebrate) our achievements. A great way to start the week. Thanks Jane!

  3. Jane says:

    Thanks Veronica, I’m always game for a celebration!

  4. Alex Parr says:

    That was a really great and uplifting article. Thanks for sharing it with us and I shall look forward to reading more of your words of wisdom.

  5. Really enjoyed this post Jane, really timely I shared it with the team, we have just won an award and they are feeling fabulous!

  6. A timely re-read of this post, Jane – thank you so much for highlighting this in your latest newsletter. Feeling a bit low while struggling to adjust to new medication, this simple 3 minute exercise has lifted me up no end: by golly, we ARE truly fabulous :o)

    • Jane says:

      Ah Callie, so sorry you’re feeling low. You sepnd so much of your time giving, you need to take time to put something back in. Take care. Jane

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