Write a Letter

How long since you last wrote a letter?

On my renewyou course participants write a letter to themselves! It’s a very potent way of helping you keep to your resolutions.

Try this exercise now when you can find a quiet space over next few days.

Take a sheet of paper (and remember that doing this with coloured crayons can actually enhance your creative thinking).

Imagine now that you are writing a summary of your life over last  2 years to an imaginary friend who only has your well being at heart.

Think about the following headings and add some of your own:







Jot down what you love about these areas of your life, and what you would like to bring into these areas of your life.

Coaching Questions

Which area is most important to you right now?

What one thing could you do to improve your quality of life in this area?

Who or what do you need to make this happen?

When does it need to happen by?

Why aren’t you doing it……..?


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