Women Are Wonderful!

Women are wonderful! That’s my official verdict on this week!

You might expect me to say that as I work primarily with women and run courses for women but this week I have been at two women’s conferences and been reminded afresh.

London Women

First, came the everywoman conference which I attend most years and always enjoy. I arrived tired and frankly, feeling a bit worn out (lots of work – hooray, and an overheated uncomfortable hotel room the night before – boo). But just a few moments in the company of so many positive women was truly energising and then I bumped into the lovely Sarah Pennels (aka Savvy Woman, her interview on the site is here.) Joy!

The first speaker at everywoman was Sam Roddick. It was wonderful to listen to a business woman speak from the heart about running her business her way and not getting caught up in the trap of trying to behave like a man. Her best quote (paraphrased as was too busy applauding to write it down):

Why is it OK for men to get angry but when women show their frustration or emotion through tears it’s wrong. I’m upset, I cry. Deal with it or get therapy!

There is a great interview with Sam here on ‘Lipstick Liberation’. I wanted to scoop her up and bottle her energy!

It was a great day; I took the opportunity to reflect on my own business and where I was directing my energies and I reckon I have saved myself 4 grand by taking that time out! That’s a result by anyone’s standards. Thanks everywoman! See you next year!

Bristol Women

And then the very next day found me in Bristol, at the wonderful Alveston House Hotel. (I know they have won awards but I’m giving them my loveliest staff in Britain award! I was so well looked after all day and their staff are just brilliant!)

But I wasn’t there to review the hotel (!) but to be a speaker at the first ever Business Inspired conference. No sitting back this time; I was opening the conference. Thank you, Business Inspired, for the honour!

I do quite a bit of public speaking so didn’t feel nervous until I heard the introduction I was getting from Janice and Alison. “Blimey”, I thought, “I’d better be good!”

Sometimes you just know when something is going to work and I knew as soon as I stood up and saw the sea of smiling encouraging faces that it was going to be OK.  I’m sometimes told that women together are bit*hy and unsupportive. That has never been my experience. In general I find groups of business women support and encourage each other with very little overt competitiveness and huge generosity. And I thank them for their generosity to me. I came away glowing and certainly got as much back from them as I gave them.

Time Out

Both conferences served their purpose well. They refreshed and re energised me, ready to re enter the ‘fray’ of running my own business with new ideas and thoughts. Times may be hard (and potentially getting harder) for small businesses, but there is support and help out there. Women’s friendships are very important to them. Give freely of your support, take support where it is offered and continue to be wonderful!

And if you were at either of the conferences, I’d love to hear what you gained from them. Please do add a comment!


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6 Responses to “Women Are Wonderful!”

  1. Jo says:

    Bristol women are superb!

    The first ever Business Inspired Womens Conference was excellent and your talk was fabulous to listen to…thank you.

  2. Cathy Dean says:

    You’re so right about the Business Inspired Conference Jane, and I have to say, without being at all grovelly, the high point of the day for me was hearing you speak!

    • Jane says:

      Cathy, thank you! But you are too modest; your session was a huge success! I was sorry not to have heard it but I have read some of the comments. jane 🙂

  3. Claire McCarthy says:

    Great post – I really enjoyed the Business Inspired conference and hope there you will be many more! Your brilliant opening talk set the tone for a truly positive day.

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