Why Do You Work?

Here’s a quick question for you to ponder:

Why do you work?

The obvious answer is money but dig a bit deeper than that. What does work give you?

Your list may include:

  • friendship
  • training
  • personal development
  • status
  • getting out of house
  • connection with wider world
  • opportunity to network
  • opportunity to take a few risks
  • opportunity to stay in comfort zone
  • ability to contribute, to make a difference
  • being part of a team
  • keeping you up to date in your field

Of your own list, what is the most important to you?


Posted on September 20th, 2010 by

4 Responses to “Why Do You Work?”

  1. My work gives me self-esteem as well as many other things. To know that I can help people gives me a buzz

  2. Ed Han says:

    I find that work most often affords me a scope whereby I can make a difference.

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