What Do You Best?

In terms of work, what is it that you do best? What makes you feel good about yourself? When do you feel most confident and competent?


It’s important to know. Research on what makes a great workplace* placed having a daily opportunity to do what you do best high in a list of positive factors. In fact, it was number three in 12.

Money is a motivator, of course, but for most of us money alone is not enough and it rarely comes out top in any survey of what motivates people. Work is usually so much more than simply a means to earning a living. We need to get something meaningful from it.

Self Worth

And one of those things is the feeling of self worth that comes from doing what we’re good at, at least once a day. If you are not currently getting that feeling of self worth from work, maybe it’s time to explore other avenues? Perhaps there are other ways of meeting that need, like voluntary work, a second job following your passion?  First stop is to see if work can provide it, but if not, try looking beyond the boundaries of paid employment and see what is out there!

Do you have an opportunity to do what you do best every day?

*Gallup, Buckingham & Coffman. ‘First Break all the Rules: What the world’s great managers do differently’.


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