Week Two – Lose Weight Without Trying

End of week two on the No Diet (do something different) Diet regime. (Click here to read why I began this small experiment)

It’s been a funny week; I have had visitors so lots of cooking and entertaining but I have tried to follow the spirit of the instructions for this week: basically to try to consciously change facets of your personality in relation to assertiveness, energy levels, group behaviour and so on. The changes are not meant to be permanent; it’s just to see if you can break behavioural habits – the essence of the programme.

Difficult Week

I found this week much more difficult, partly because the instructions (although clear in themselves) were much less obvious and for someone like myself with no set work patterns or routines, quite difficult to put into practice.

For example, there is a direction about group behaviour. Usually when in a group I am in charge and leading it with lots of high energy. But this week I have not been involved in any groups so took the opportunity to try out what the book suggested on another day when I was with a few others. I feel maybe I had to make too many compromises.

I also think second days (or weeks as in this case) can be quite flat to begin with. When I am working with groups over a few months on personal development, as I do in some organisations, the second meeting or seminar tends to begin with low energy from the participants. I think it’s something to do with the excitement and novelty of the first day having receded. People start day one with some feelings of nervousness and trepidation, relax, begin to understand what the course is all about, make friends etc and leave on a high. On day two that initial excitement has gone and the realisation of what is needed to effect change has hit, and people seem to experience a temporary dip. I usually have to work harder on the mornings of day two!

Second Week Blues?

And so it was with this. Week one was quite exciting and energising and fun. Now I’m in week two I often forgot to look first thing to see what I was meant to be doing! However, I did do it! With some interesting results in terms of reactions from colleagues, family & friends…

But I can’t tell you if I lost any weight as my scales have a flat battery, which will be remedied soon I promise! I don’t feel any different at all but the book suggests that a loss of a further pound or two would be reasonable. I think I’ll stop with the blogging on this as it could get tedious but the principles of this book are very sound, and accord with other research into habits and behaviour. I’d say it’s definitely worth a try!


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