Week One – Lose Weight Easily Without a Diet?

If you read my first post on this book, you’ll know that my interest in it stems from initially reading another book by the author, Sheconomics and being impressed by the ideas contained within. Intrigued by the idea of a No Diet Diet from well respected psychologists I took a look. You can read that first post here.

What is particularly appealing is the notion that changing habits in one area of your life will change your eating habits, without you focussing on food. We all know diets put a huge focus on food so suddenly it’s all we can think of :

Don’t think about cream cakes, banish all thoughts about eating luscious cakes from your mind. Too late, now you have an image of a cream cake floating in your head! It’s like someone saying to you, just as you engage the reverse gear -don’t hit that kerb! There’s a good chance you now will.

Week One Instructions

I’m not going to reveal all the secrets of the book here, but week one does encourage you to change one habit each day as well as two additional tasks. The additional tasks are things like: don’t always sit in your usual chair, try a different newspaper, use a different shop, go watch a film alone, etc.

So how did I do? Well, I more or less did as instructed but my life is so non routine that I sometimes felt I was cheating a little. For example, the very first instruction was not to watch TV (or if you don’t watch TV, stop listening to the radio). That day I was travelling to London and probably wouldn’t have watched TV anyway so I tried that on another day as well (I chose Saturday, the day I watch most TV as am a Strictly addict!)

However, it has had an interesting effect of making me realise how much of my life is just habit. I was training in London over two days and my husband was with me (he goes and plays golf!). At the end of the first day’s training he suggested half heartedly that maybe we could go out, knowing that usually I just flop and read through my material for the next day. That has become a habit. I wrote the course; I rarely need to review the material unless I am adapting it to suit my group.

So, I said yes, and let’s have a meal out while we’re at it. Cue very surprised but happy look from partner of 34 years! And we had a great evening, although I’m not sure if going out for a meal is quite what one should be doing….

Weight Loss?

So that’s great, Jane, I hear you say. You’ve changed a few things but did it make a jot of difference to your weight? Well, in the book the authors suggest that weight loss is small but consistent. Their research shows that most people in the first week lose a pound and that’s exactly what I did.

The author’s point out that week one is not about weight loss but about laying the correct foundations; that phase one simply creates the conditions necessary for change. Phase two puts it into practice.

I’m about to start Phase Two which lasts for one week, so drop by again next Monday and I’ll let you know how it goes. I have visitors most of this week which usually means an excess of all things edible! Watch this space…

And if you’ve been following the book too, please so share how you are getting one!


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2 Responses to “Week One – Lose Weight Easily Without a Diet?”

  1. Julia says:

    I’ve bought the book & have decided to read it before embarking on it. I’m already hooked because I need to look at things differently in my life. When I’m stressed the first thing I think about (& despair about!) is my weight even though according to hubby nothing has changed. Well done Jane – I’m right behind you (so to speak!)

    • Jane says:

      Well, no one will see you behind me (currently). Good luck Julia. I am finding it fascinating! It’s everything I know and ‘preach’ but applied for a different reason. I look forward to hearing how you get one. Jane

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