Understanding Yourself

Here’s a very quick, but powerful, coaching exercise I often use when coaching women to help them tap into the past (for purposes of making the future fabulous!)

Grab a few coloured crayons and draw a picture of yourself as a child. Don’t try too hard- it’s not an art exam. It’s only for you and your eyes only, and don’t over think it. Just get it down as it comes.

When the drawing is in front of you what is it telling you (no funnies about how it’s telling you you are no good at drawing!)

Is that child happy, confident, or sad and a bit lost? What best describes the child you have drawn? If some negative stuff has arisen when did that first appear in your life?

You may get nothing more than a bit of recreation with some crayons from this. But sometimes it can be very powerful and help you understand yourself so much more!


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One Response to “Understanding Yourself”

  1. liz says:

    This is such a great and simple idea. I think I’ll give it a go on myself. Such a good insight into the hidden ‘child’ within.

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