Time for Some Pruning?

I spent the week end hacking away at some old bushes that had got out of control in my garden.

For a moment I felt a little pang of regret that I was removing something so determined to grow. But than I imagined all I was going to be able to grow in its place.

The plants were taking up the sunniest spot in my garden and had grown to an enormous size, almost unnoticed by me and were now blocking out the sun. They had to go. And as I pulled away the twigs and leaves there beneath was a little primrose struggling to emerge into the sun!

In place of the woody spreading shrubs I plan to have gorgeous flowers and tasty vegetables that will give me lots more satisfaction and reward than my overgrown shrubs.

Pruning Can Be Good for You!

Sometimes we need to do a little judicious pruning in our lives to make way for the good stuff.

When did you last cut away some dead wood and make way for some new and exciting things in your life?


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