Thanksgiving Time!

Today is thanksgiving in US. I am not an American, (although my husband’s mother hailed from Boston so we have lots of family there and I’m an Americanophile) I love the idea of having a day to give thanks. I think we should grab every opportunity in life to celebrate the good stuff, because the bad stuff comes of its own accord.

I Am Thankful For…

So try out this short exercise. Just what are you thankful for, today, right now? My list could be very long but right at this moment I am thankful for:

  • The fact that my family is healthy and well
  • That my immediate family is loving, close and great fun
  • That my brother’s widow has found a new man (Yeay to her!)
  • That my husband just brought me a coffee and warms up my cold car before I go out in the morning (I know, I’m terribly  spoilt!)
  • That I have some of the best most supportive friends in the world
  • That I have a job I love and am happy to wake up to
  • That I have two very daft cats who think they are humans…

Of course, my life is not all wonderful all of the time (and how dull would that be? Everyone needs some light & shade), but today I am not going to focus on what isn’t working but on what is. Today is a good day to be thankful!

And to all my American friends and family, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Please do share all the reasons you have to be thankful and let’s generate a real page of positive thoughts!


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