Talking to Cats is Good for You!

If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know I am a mad cat lady in training. Which is why my daughter gave me a book on cat behaviour. I can’t say I have actually trained my cats but it has helped me to understand some of their more seemingly eccentric behaviours!

And it struck me that the same is true of people. If you watch and observe in a non judgemental way you can learn so much more about the people with whom you work. And then you can tailor your responses appropriately.

So if a colleague is giving you grief, think cat! Observe what presses their buttons, for good or ill. Try and be objective, try to get inside their psyche and work out what motivates them, what irks them, what they are good at and what needs work! Notice when they are purring or when their tail is wagging, so to speak (for non cat lovers, cats wag their tails when annoyed!)

It might not make them as appealing as a kitten, but it might just help you communicate with them better!

How do you manage your less than helpful colleagues? Do share any tips and advice.

PS In response to requests, the book is called The Cat Whisperer by Claire Bessant


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3 Responses to “Talking to Cats is Good for You!”

  1. Hi Jane, Your point is taken and can be used with anyone you have issues with – colleagues, friends, leadership at church or elsewhere, neighbors, or people who give you service. Whenever we go in-depth with people, we understand better. Most people hide their inner pain fairly well and yet it may come out as other behaviors. Taking time to understand them may give you the opportunity to provide some comfort which may help them see you differently.

    And – I talk to Teddy all the time. He understands many things very well!

  2. Karen Redman says:

    I am prepared to be as tolerant with people as I am of cats as long as said people don’t suddenly start sticking their bottoms in their face. That would upset me … in a non-judgmental sort of a way.

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