Take Time to Unwind

Do you sometimes find it hard to relax and unwind? If so, give this is a try:

Think of three words that mean relaxation to you. They might not mean relaxing to anyone else, just to you.

For example, I might say ‘gardening’ as I can find that extremely relaxing. However, I can say with 100% certainty that word would have the opposite of the desired effect on my partner – he’d break out in a cold sweat at he thought of the torrent of requests coming from me to shift earth etc! ‘Golf’ would probably do it for him!

So choose three words that conjure up calmness, relaxation and tranquility for you. They might be colours, or even words you find particularly soothing because you like the sound.

Now, just be aware of you breathing for a moment. Simply notice how you are breathing. Breathe out fully and then take a breath in more deeply than normal. Let this breath out slowly, repeating  one of the words in your head. Breath normally for a minute and then repeat with the remaining two words.

You can take a few minutes to do this at your desk any time you feel the stresses coming on, and it could be a really good way of ending your working day, helping you to leave work behind you!

What helps you relax and unwind?


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6 Responses to “Take Time to Unwind”

  1. Schloss Charlottenburg in Berlin is a place I go to as often as possible to unwind. I generally picture myself sat there reading a good book when I need to relax or unwind, at the times I am unable to be actually be there.

    My three words of today, then:

    Solitude. Cello. Harmony.

    • Jane says:

      Beautiful words, Sebastian. Thank you. I like your visualisation idea, although have never been to Berlin. Sounds wonderful!

  2. Margaret says:

    Hello, you are right Jane they won’t mean a lot to others but do to me! My words are Ballindalloch (a place we go to unwind), calm and cosy

  3. Carole Heath says:

    I sometimes feel unable to unwind myself after a stressful day for whatever reason. I have some really good friends who i can talk to if i wish too, but unfortunately some of them do stress me out sometimes with their chatter on the phone which sometimes lasts for over an hour. And i come off there feeling quite tired after hearing their talk which sometimes is all doom and gloom. I f i feel stressed out i go for a long walk or put a relaxation tape on and go and lie down in my bedroom with the curtains closed and drift away somewhere nice maybe a tropical island in my mind’s eye. I have also taken up Yoga which the meditation side of it is very relaxing for me and i enjoy the experience very much as i suffer with migraine and it does help to control the headaches i have noticed.

    • Jane says:

      Many thanks Carole for taking time to reply. You make some good points and I’m glad yoga helps with your headaches. Re the possibly draining friends, have you read this post?
      Plus, as you are an afficionado of visualisations I’d love to know sometime what you think of the Perfect Day one on each page of the site. It’s not specifically for relaxing but people say it does help them unwind.
      Walking is great too, which reminds me that I have been a bit remiss in that area since doing the moonwalk in Edinburgh- I miss it! Thanks for prompting me!
      Best wishes to you, Carole. Jane

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