Take a Second Look!

If you are in a part of the UK which is covered in snow you may be cursing or celebrating!

But whatever you feel about it, you have to admit that it changes everything. Of course everything looks different, and also everything sounds different. The quality of the light is different.

Conversely, while looking different some things begin to look the same. A Ferrari covered in snow and immobile is not much different (and as much use) as a Fiat Punto covered in the white stuff!

I am in Edinburgh as I write this and I have never before seen the city looking as it does now. Grand, majestic, yet also somehow vulnerable.

Wherever you are, take a few moments to look at your world in a different light. Try a new viewpoint. See it as if describing it to a stranger, or the opening chapters of a novel. Help someone, talk to someone, try something different!

Photo courtesy of http://www.edinburgh-scotland.net/


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