Spring to Mind

Spring to Mind by Zoe Copley is published by Troubador. £11.99

I was intrigued by Zoe as she began her career as a barrister but an encounter with coaching literally transformed her life.  And so ‘Spring’ to Mind was born.

The book itself is a weighty tome – you certainly get full value for your money! It’s not really a ‘dip in ‘book but merits reading in it’s entirety. It is part novel, part self help. By turn it amused me, saddened me, and reminded me why coaching can be so amazing and transformational.

Here’s an extract from the novel part of the book which takes the form of a series of letters:

“Dear Mum,
So grateful that you called with your news that you would not be going back to hospital for more chemo this week. I had a lot of time to think about you on Saturday night as I sat wretched and sweaty by the rubbish bin waiting to be ill. We went out to see friends for the evening, dinner and company were both lovely, but I had a growing sense of doom as the minutes ticked by and the clock hands moved slowly past midnight. I was queasy and headachey and I knew the night would not end happily for me.
While it may have been a dodgy clam or some reaction to 2003 red wine, or perhaps lobster for lunch (a rare day of extremely rich pickings), more likely it was Tommy’s virus from last week. Anyway, I felt for you as nausea and vomiting are just two of the side effects you have endured so uncomplainingly. I have to say on the way I felt on Sunday, I would not wish chemo on anyone, let alone my dear Mummy.”

And here is an extract from the self help element of  ‘Spring to Mind’ which contains a useful exercise you might want to try.

Self Coaching Toolkit

Coaching is a process through which you can clarify your thinking, identify your goals, formulate plans to achieve them an dultimately transform your reality. Coaching is not rocket science. …….

Stocktake- Exercise 1
Before you embark on a coaching journey or begin planning for change, it may be useful to consider more carefully the areas of your life in which you feel more challenged or less satisfied.
Below is a list of eight different aspects of your life. This is not an exhaustive list. Feel free to add or remove categories. The aim of this exercise is to assess your current feelings in relation to each category. Give each aspect a score from 0-10 with 10 representing the highest level of satisfaction and 0 representing virtually no satisfaction with the category in question.

  1. Finances
  2. Social/Friends
  3. Work/Career
  4. Leisure Pursuits
  5. Health/Fitness
  6. Spiritual/Religious
  7. Partner
  8. Family

Were there any surprises?

The novel part of the book addresses many of the themes of life which will resonate with women, indeed one critic dubbed it:

‘One woman’s search for meaning in the Weetabix and the washing.’!

If you’d like to learn more about Zoe and her work, this link will take you to her web site.


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