Something You Never Knew About Victorian Women!

You may well have heard that Victorian men thought that when women were anxious or irritable (hysterical paroxysm) the answer lay in their uterus; they had an interesting remedy! Their answer was to bring the women to orgasm and cure them.

I didn’t really believe this for years until I read Flow, by Stein & Kim and realised it was grounded in actual fact. Obviously women must have had something wrong with them if they behave ‘badly’! And the uterus had been viewed with suspicion through the centuries and seen as a source of all woes, even back to early history. Men sought to control women’s behaviour, which they viewed as over emotional, by attributing it to an organ in the body, one they (men) didn’t have.

And now more information has come to light. Apparently, the Victorians, whom we tend to view as staid and repressed, invented and freely sold electrical vibrators! And it seems the Victorians were far less embarrassed about advertising them than some of the coy adverts we see around today. And I thought all that swooning was about tight corsets!

If you want to read more, click here for the link to The Observer Newspaper article about the forthcoming film on this topic- Hysteria.


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