Show Off Your Hidden Gems!

What hidden gems do you have stored away that could be working for you right this minute?

Recently I have received a plethora of compliments about my voice and coaching style (thank you!) I was telling my husband, somewhat wryly, that lots of people really seemed to like the sound of my voice. He replied, with due concern for my sensibilities (wise man) that naturally he thought I had a lovely voice but he hadn’t really thought about it before.

And then during a recent course I was delivering a participant came up and said:

“I love listening to you. You make difficult ideas sound achievable and your voice is perfect for this”

I think I’ve always had this voice, although clearly it has matured over the years, but lately it seems to have become a real asset to me. And it made me think about what noticing what is right under our noses (literally in my case!)

Your Gems

We’re with ourselves all the time so naturally we tend to take ourselves for granted. Women in particular are notoriously reticent at ‘selling’ themselves and putting forward their skills and qualities. In the UK we still have a slight distaste about what we perceive as showing off. But times are difficult and if you don’t showcase your talents no one else will.Time for a rethink…

The You Audit

If you haven’t taken out your CV for a while do so now. Chances are it is well out of date. I recently asked an American CV specialist (Julie Walraven) how many of her clients were actually unemployed when they came to her. Her answer surprised me. Over 60% of her client base come to her while still in work but they are proactive about their development. They recognise the importance of keeping themselves up to date and ready to meet opportunities as they arise.

It’s so easy to forget what you’ve done if you only grab your CV when applying for a new job. You will have masses of new achievements during the course of a year so keep a record of them. Obviously you’ll tailor your CV to the circumstances but you’ll have a positive cornucopia of material to choose from. You are more fabulous than you know!

View from Outside

And try this:

Ask a representative group of friends and colleagues what they think is your best asset. You may get answers which don’t immediately seem to relate to work, such as you’re always so supportive and helpful. Get them to be specific. This can translate into ‘good team player’,  ‘educator’ or ‘mentoring skills’. You’ll probably be blinded by the glow when you start to uncover your hidden gems!

And if you want to decide for yourself about the voice, there is a free audio download here! It’s called ‘Your Perfect Working Day’. I hope you enjoy it! And if you have any tips and experiences to share, please do!


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4 Responses to “Show Off Your Hidden Gems!”

  1. Really thought provoking piece and yes your voice is as smooth as silk. We often go through life not realising our virtues, as often it is the negative that we focus on, either imagined or highlighted by others. We need to value ourselves and use the assets that we have, learn to recognise our good points and develop those rather than wallow in our failings. Great piece as usual Jane, an inspiration to others I hope

    • Jane says:

      Thanks Malcolm. I’m particularly pleased to hear your comments as it was a tweet of yours that made me think of writing it! I’m all for accentuating the positive in life! Adopt the spirit of Appreciative Inquiry. What’s your best gem?

  2. What a nice early Birthday present, Jane! Thank you so much for mentioning me!

    I will have to play the audio next! And soon, we will have to schedule a Skype call so we can hear each other… Lately it seems I am talking to people in the UK a lot. Magic of technology!

    What you said about the CV or resume is very important. One of the things I tell my clients is that they should put sticky notes with their resume so that they can recall their accomplishments. Time makes what was important slip away. It is not any less of an accomplishment, we just are further away from it and forget.

    • Jane says:

      Yes, technology is amazing and Skype in particular. I use it a lot for international calls-it really opens up the world. And it’s free! So, you’re working with clients in UK too? I bet they really appreciate your input!
      Many happy returns for 1st July, Julie.

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