Sheconomics – Add Power to Your Purse

Sheconomics is a great book!

Initially I baulked at the idea of a book about finance written for women, having visions of being patronised but I need not have worried. I know men and women view life differently so why not money too! It’s co written by Professor Karen Pine and Simone Gnesson, and published by Headline.

Take Control

If you ever feel your spending is out of control this book will help you. If you get a huge pleasure from buying things you don’t need, followed by a huge rush of guilt when the bills come in, this book is for you. And if you’d just like to take a fresh look at how you manage your money, this book is for you!

Laws of Sheconomics

The authors highlight several laws of Sheconmics. Each ‘law’ is a chapter heading complete with examples, and exercises, and very practical advice. The ‘laws’ are:

  • Take Emotional Control
  • Go Beyond Beliefs
  • Spend with Power
  • Have Goals
  • Look Debt in the Face
  • Share Financial Intimacies
  • Know Tomorrow Comes

Positive Thinking About Money

Pine and Gnesson do not advise that simply thinking about earning loads of money will make you attract it (if they did I wouldn’t be reviewing them here!); however, they do encourage you to look at what your thinking is about money, and to acknowledge that you may be holding onto some very self limiting negative beliefs about money.

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Having talked about the limiting beliefs we can hold, the authors encourage their readers to adopt some positive ones. This is their Ten Top Positive Sheconomic Beliefs

  • Money matters as much as health or relationships in my life
  • I deserve to have the financial security and lifestyle I want
  • There’s enough money to go round
  • I create the results in my life
  • I’m grateful for the money that flows into my life
  • I can increase my knowledge about money and finance
  • I’m a money magnet
  • It’s easier to make money than to spend it
  • I can be well off and a good person at the same time

Now these may not be your ideal top ten, which the author’s acknowledge, but reading this chapter will help you to think about the attitudes you do hold, and if changing them would be helpful to you.

Breaking a Taboo

In the UK we are generally very diffident when talking about money. In fact, we rarely do. It’s refreshing to pick up a well written book that tackles this topic head on, written with a female audience in mind, and that leaves you feeling more in control! I thoroughly recommend this book.

Sheconomics was published in 2009 and is widely available in bookshops and through local libraries. Or you can purchase it through Amazon here.


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One Response to “Sheconomics – Add Power to Your Purse”

  1. This looks like a fascinating book, Jane. Like you, I thought this is going to be patronising. But you describe it as being fun and practical at the same time.

    These are tough times we’re living through. The book sounds like it would be great for anyone, but mainly professional women, who want to have some independence of thought and emotion around the subject of money?

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