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Late last summer I was walking with a friend in the lanes near my home when we happened upon one of our favourite gardens; a genuine Mr McGregor vegetable patch of beautiful, orderly rows of vegetables with companion planting and an elderly gentleman leaning on his hoe surveying his work. It wouldn’t have surprised either of us if Peter Rabbit had scurried out and made off with a lettuce while we watched!

We chatted with the gentleman who told us he and his family had owned the land and adjoining cottage for several generations and then invited us to see his flower garden.  It was glorious, a text book cottage garden with a green house full of geraniums so amazing that the Royal Horticultural Society had been to photograph them!


His wife joined us in the garden, introductions were made, and she offered us a chilled glass of her home made elderflower cordial. As we complimented her on it, she then offered the recipe with the extra advice that we should pick the flowers heads when the sun had been shining on them as they released most flavour then.

Pass on Your Gifts

This Sunday afternoon I have been making my own elderflower cordial and have been thinking of her and her husband and their generosity and kindness to strangers. And it made me reflect, what can I pass this on during this week ahead? What small thing, advice, or piece of knowledge could you share with work colleagues, friends, family or,  if the occasion presents itself, complete strangers? And with us, maybe, via the comments section? I look forward to hearing from you!


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2 Responses to “Share Your Gifts!”

  1. I love sharing when possible – and I’ve noticed that so much rides on the receptivity of the other person. If you’d felt guilty, hadn’t been curious, weren’t open and giving people yourselves, you wouldn’t have been able to benefit from their kindness.

    And I’d be very receptive to the elderflower recipe …. 🙂 I used to make it when I worked as an au pair in Germany 30 years ago, it was delicious!

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