Recover Your Balance

Recover Your Balance is written by Ann Lewis, a leadership coach, and published by Bookshaker. It sells at £9.99 in the UK and $14.99 in the U.S.

It’s a great little book, easy to read in one sitting at just over 140 pages with a seven step plan to boost you back to full confidence! And it’s also great for dipping into any time you feel a bit overwhelmed. It’s a book to pick up when you’re feeling tired and worthless at work, when going to work is sapping and energy draining, when you’re feeling burnt out, or lacking in confidence about your abilities.


Ann herself experienced bullying at work and she talks honestly and helpfully about the effect it had on her and her subsequent crisis of confidence.

Following an unsuccessful appeal, after which my Staff Council representative declared that he had never seen anyone quite so comprehensively stitched up, I spent the next few months trying to be absolutely perfect, an endeavour doomed to failure. My daily routine included vomiting every morning before I left home. Finally, after taking a couple of days leave, I returned to find that a part of my team’s work had been passed around…in an effort to demonstrate that I was failing. I resigned. For more than two years afterwards I simply didn’t believe that I was worthy of a well paid job with similar status to the one I had left. Page 4/5 of Recover Your Balance

This book is the result of her reflections and ruminations on that period, her extensive experience of coaching others in similar situations, and her recovery plan for minimising the effects and learning from the experience. It’s a blend of the practical and the more esoteric.

For example, Ann talks about energy states and the impact these have on our behaviour, and there is advice on using visualisations and creative imagery to relieve stress. In another chapter she gives some supremely practical advice about only keeping material relating to poor treatment at work as long as it is serving a purpose. If you are thinking about bringing a case of constructive dismissal for example, keep a record of everything. But if the incident is done and dusted, holding onto unpleasant and damaging material can be detrimental to your recovery! Sage advice.

True Stories

Scattered throughout the book are quotes from real people sharing their experiences of troubled times at work. These really help to bring the book to life. My only small criticism of the book is that I found some of the true life stories slightly repetitive, but then I read the book at one sitting. I’m sure if you were picking this book up occasionally you’d be glad of some of the repetition as a helpful reminder!

I think this a worthwhile book to have in your possession, or to encourage your firm to buy! It’s not preachy, but full of sensible advice, well referenced and not at all patronising – you can tell that Ann has been there and done it, and bounced back!

You can purchase Ann’s book at good bookshops, or order through Amazon, or visit the Recover Your Balance site


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