One Wedding and a Holiday!

In yesterday’s post I exhorted you all to take a proper break from work, have a real holiday from the 21st Century.  Even if just for one day.

And I am following my own advice! (Although I’m not sure that crossing the Atlantic on a plane counts as leaving the 21st century behind but the spirit is there…).

By the time you read this I will be in the US where I am attending the wedding of good friends. Gwilym, whom we have known since childhood, is marrying a lovely American girl, Molly, in California. And my husband has the honour of conducting the ceremony! He is not a priest, he’s a fire-fighter (!) but will be sworn in for the day as a marriage celebrant. Previously the only person he has married was me, 33 years ago: I’ve had great fun telling folks my husband is marrying our friends’ son!

And I am going to give myself over completely to enjoying the trip. No lap top, no obsessive checking of emails, (although I must admit someone else will be doing that and taking course bookings), and no phoning the office every day just in case the world has tipped on its axis because I am not there.  I am going to relax and enjoy the whole experience. Laughing, crying (weddings- I can’t help it), I’ll be doing it all.

But one thing I won’t be doing, is working!

Whatever you’re doing for a break this summer, the important thing is to have one, a proper one. Whether it’s sunning yourself on the coast, lying in bed late every day with a great novel, touring a stately home, it doesn’t matter. Its purpose is to refresh you and recharge you, so do what you need to do, for you!

Regular readers will know that I place great importance on celebrating the good things in life, so in that spirit, please join me in an international toast, to Molly and Gwilym, the bride and groom! Much love and happiness forever!

I’ll catch you all after the break!


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