Me and Elvis Presley!

Anyone who has attended my training or seminars knows that I have a bit of a thing about Elvis Presley.  In fact, it might be fair to say that I am something of an ardent fan and am still in recovery from the fact that Elvis died three days into my Honeymoon!

When I’m training or delivering my seminars, I play a game with myself and try to mention him at least once (yes, I know it’s a bit weird but bear with me and read on. Most of the time I am completely normal….ish).

However, I do have rules and I can’t just stick his name in at any old juncture; there has to be a real connection or reason. So for example, if we’re talking about achieving dreams, or setting goals, I might just mention that I used to have a long time dream of visiting Graceland which I have now achieved. It has to be a bit subtle (although I do have some women who have attended a few of my seminars and now wait to see how long I wait before somehow making the Elvis connection!)

So I was thrilled to come across this quote which gives me, a coach and personal development specialist, an excellent and legitimate reason to mention him in a post.

Elvis said:
“Values are like fingerprints. Nobody’s are the same, but you leave ’em all over everything you do”

Sage advice…

Are you clear about your values in life? Whether you are conscious of them or not, they have an impact on what you choose to do, and what you choose not to do. If you are in a role or a relationship that doesn’t sit well with your value base you will never feel right.

So, take some time now to think about the fingerprints you leave behind. What are your values?


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2 Responses to “Me and Elvis Presley!”

  1. Sharon says:

    Uh Hu!

  2. Something else I never learned about you before, Jane! You are so right about values and how they fit in with life choices. When people get out of balance with their values, it can really affect their success at work.

    My values… hmmm.

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