Change – How to Survive Tip 5

When you hear a change outside of your control is on the cards, what are your automatic thoughts? Do you think:

Oh great, this’ll be good for me!


Oh no, this will be terrible!

Most of us tend towards the second response precisely because we have no control. But take a few moments now to think back over actual changes outside of your control, and what the outcomes for you were.

Was it all bad or have you benefited from unplanned changes in the past? Please do share.

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4 Responses to “Change – How to Survive Tip 5”

  1. Ed Han says:

    As a rule, I find that seeing the unknown–including change–as an opportunity rather than an obstacle does wonders for how I respond.

    The last unplanned change I experienced was the loss of my last position–but it was also good because in the time since, I’ve grown a great deal, I think. I’m no longer afraid of my ambitions or doubt my ability to achieve them. And to paraphrase Robert Frost, that has made all the difference.

    • Jane says:

      Hi Ed! It’s great when you can look back and see the good that has come from something that must have been pretty hard to deal with at the time! But then you are a very positive soul! Thanks, Jane

  2. I prefer to see change as an opportunity to do new things and that the thing that was is not the right thing for me do workwise. I have closed two big doors this year on projects because they have not felt right. I have opened about another 6. Change is good.

    • Jane says:

      That’s great, Naomi, I relish the opportunities of change too. The problems tend to arise when the change is not within our control and is imposed, and often done badly, like major reorganisation in companies. That’s when you need all your coping strategies!

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