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Unusually I am not reviewing just one book in this post, but a whole series. And there are so many of them that I’m not even gong to mention all of them!

The Management Pocket books have been a staple on my bookshelves since my own management days. They are great little aides-memoires and a perfect size for just popping into a bag. They are crammed full of tips, tools and techniques on whatever topic you have chosen (at last count I think they have published 103).

Although the books are prolific they are not written by a Jill of all trades and mistress of none hack: pocketbooks are all written by experts and practitioners in their field so you can rely on the information. It’s not ground breaking research, more solid, dependable information that is already in the public domain.

I wouldn’t recommend them as a text book for for your first foray into a serious subject as they give all the information in small bite size chunks; for me, they work best at reminding me of what I already know! That said, they are really useful at helping you decide if you want to do some further research on a subject as the extract I have quoted below illustrates. There is not enough information there to tell you about biorhythms but there is enough to whet your appetite and give you the basics. And they are great if you are putting a presentation together and want a model to use, or a great quote.

The book I have used to illustrate this post is on Energy and Well Being. Here’s a flavour of the kind of thing you can find between its covers:


What Are Biorhythms?

  • Biorhythms are natural body clocks triggered from the hypothalamus in the brain in response to light, and are genetically determined
  • Timings vary from person to person
  • They depend on month, seasons, hormones, heartbeat, respiration and temperature
  • They affect physical, emotional and intellectual performance

Be aware of your energy times. Your energy may be increased during the full moon, during spring, at certain times of the month linked to female hormone levels, in cool or hot weather, etc.

Whatever you do there is probably a pocketbook to suit. From Customer Care to Project Management to Positive Mental Attitude there really is something for everyone.

Amazon stock almost the whole range and the Pocket Series web site will give you more information


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