Make Time for You

Here’s a quick exercise to help you think about how effectively you use your time. It’s not about being busy all the time, filling every moment, but more about making time for you, and your development.

Take yourself to a quiet place with a notebook and pen. Just sit for few moments and reflect on what it is you feel you never have time to do. These are usually things that will bring you pleasure, but sometimes they are things you think you ‘ought’ to do.

Don’t over-think this exercise, just jot down whatever comes to mind; it’s for your eyes only. Ask yourself : “What Things Do I Never Have Time For?”

Now look at your list and ask yourself the following:

  • Which of these are for me?
  • Which of these do I think I should be doing for other people, or because everyone else seems to have done it (like read ‘War & Peace’!)
  • When do I think I will do these things?
  • What is stopping me doing them now?

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