Love Yourself!

Do you? Love yourself that is? I don’t mean in the ‘I am wonderful, better than anyone else’ obnoxious kind of way, but do you value and respect yourself?

Sometimes events in our lives have caused us to feel unloveable and it’s hard to shake the negativity off. In fact, sometimes a good deal more than a metaphorical shake is required to rid ourselves of notions acquired by the experiences of life. (But hang onto the wisdom those same events have given you!) We are what we think. As we think so we act.

So, answer honestly, do you love yourself? Would you be friends with yourself? What are the loveable things about you? (There will be loads and if you’re having trouble answering that question take some time to think about it. If you’re still struggling consider asking for some outside help). Think differently about yourself and how you behave will be different.

Write down the reasons you are loveable and likeable.

This is not about achievements, although considering your achievements will help you determine some of your likeable and loveable qualities. It’s about your qualities: loyalty, kindness, honesty, humour, ethics, values, and so on.

When you love yourself it becomes easier to make positive changes in your life; you lose some of the fear around change. More importantly, you believe that you deserve some positive change! Powerful motivators for achieving your goals!

If you’ve found this post helpful, you, or a friend, may be interested in my next RenewYou course.


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