Looking After You

‘When we’re well we want so many things, but when we’re sick we want only one’.

It’s so true, isn’t it? Like many of you, I suspect, I glibly talk about health and happiness being important yet consciously working to maintain my health is not one of my more obvious priorities. But without it all of my other goals will need revisiting.  It should be top of my list!

So I am resolved to take better care of my physical health from this moment on. I don’t want to lose it to know the value of it!

How about you?


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4 Responses to “Looking After You”

  1. My vision of you is different, Jane, I see you as focusing on being healthy but I still get what you mean.

    I am blessed to be overall healthy even to the extent of not really being sick with a cold much… however, recently, I did struggle with something that I thought was a cold but now think might have been allergies… It annoyed me. It came at an inconvenient time and it made many things more difficult.

    Most people could exercise more, eat healthier, or take care of themselves better in some way. I’ve been blessed not to be challenged with big health issues but have watched family members struggle in the past. I think many times we don’t appreciate what we’ve got until it is gone.

    • Jane says:

      Absolutely Julie! I have good friends who have been seriously ill – I’m not suggesting for one minute that they brought illness on themselves, but it has made me realise how much I take good health for granted. I’m same with my car! I tend not to worry about it until it starts making weird noises! So I am just trying to make a few healthier choises in life!
      Best wishes to you Julie, and thanks for your continued readership of the blog!

  2. Yael Brisker says:

    Hi I love this message …how often I/we need to hear it. Going to rest right now, to H— with the dishes, the house…Thanks!

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