Learning Through Change – Do You?

How many times have you said to yourself at work:
I’ve seen it all before; it didn’t work then and it won’t work now

If I had a pound coin for every time I’ve heard that when running change seminars I’d have very heavy pockets!

Yet before dismissing such utterances as cynicism from died in the wool change resistors it is worth taking stock. Evaluating the successes and the unsuccessful is a crucial element in managing the change process, yet it it astounding how often this bit gets left out.

When Change Doesn’t Work

In large corporations a failed change strategy often results in the lead person ‘leaving’ with others then politically distancing themselves from the process. Very few senior executives seem prepared to look in depth at the processes as learning for next time.

In my experience of working within several large organisations, the most successful are those that can take into account the people who actually deliver the job on the ground and involve and engage them from day one. The top down approach simply doesn’t cut it any more.

A recent government report prepared by David McCloud and Nita Clarke put it this way:

‘We believe that if employee engagement and the principles that lie behind it were more widely understood, if good practice was more widely shared, if the potential that resides in the country’s workforce was more fully unleashed, we could see a step change in workplace performance and in employee well-being, for the considerable benefit of UK plc.

Engagement, going to the heart of the workplace relationship between employee and employer, can be a key to unlocking productivity and to transforming the working lives of many people for whom Monday morning is an especially low point of the week’.
Engaging for Success: enhancing performance through employee engagement. July 2009

So the old ‘seen it all before’ cynic may teach us something after all! Step one in any change process is get your people on board!

And the same principle applies to personal change. Who are the key people you need to support you in any changes you want to make? Are they with you, supporting you? Or are they secretly trying to sabotage you as they are fearful of the consequences? Always check first!

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