Is Your Past Haunting You?

Does your past dominate your life? Are you stuck reliving past mistakes? For example, do you sometimes feel you can’t move on because of your difficult upbringing? Or that if only you’d had more support when young your life now would be easier?

Are you allowing your past to hold you back, using it as a shield to play safe?

It’s Never Too Late!

I firmly believe it’s never too late to try and create the life you want. Just start now – whatever the circumstances of your past.  People have survived horrendous life events (Read about this amazing holocaust survivor here) and in spite of that, (or maybe because of that), gone onto do amazing things with their lives!

Always aim high. If you give yourself low expectations you’ll probably not be disappointed. But set yourself high and worthwhile aims and you may discover more about yourself than you ever imagined possible!

If you find your past coming back to haunt you, if you hear that nagging voice in your head telling you you can’t do it, take a look at this longer article. Try out the exercise contained within it,  and aim to put the past where it belongs- behind you! Eyes front and upwards!

If you’d like some support with creating your new life there are masses of articles on this site, and you can also sign up for a regular injection of enthusiasm via my newsletter! Or check out my coaching here.


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  1. Liz Sparkes says:

    Great advice as usual Jane!

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