Is Prejudice Holding You Back?

Albert Einstein once said:

Common sense is the set of prejudices we acquire before the age of 18“.

And our prejudices are formed by our early experiences and influences:the culture we live in, the type of schools we attend, the friends we have, our significant adults-parents, teachers, relatives. It all helps to fix in us an idea of what is ‘normal’.

Knowing and understanding what your own prejudices are will help you see the world differently and open up so many more opportunities for you! We tend to seek out people who are like us, people we have a shared interests with who as a ‘normal’ as we are.

When I’m working one to one, sometimes my task is to tease out what prejudices may be holding my client back from being where they want to be. Knowing what your own prejudices are can be immensely liberating and is the first step in neutralising any negative effects.

So this week, why not try striking up a relationship with someone outside of your ‘normal’ range! Try reading about the political policies of the party you don’t support. Listen to someone at work as if you have no preconceived ideas or knowledge about them – just take their words at face value, free from your prejudices about them. It will give you a new depth of understanding and perspective.

And let me know how you get on!


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