Inspire Yourself!

Here’s a tip to inspire yourself and to help keep your motivation going!

When I’m running my own seminars and courses I often get participants to write to themselves for delivery at a future point. And I’ve recommended writing down your aims in previous blog posts.

It can be really helpful to write down what you want to do, how you are feeling at a particular point in your life, and how you want to feel at a point in the future. Or maybe write down stages you need to reach to achieve your goals and aspirations. For example, by June I will have written two chapters of my book and researched possible publishers! It really helps to put it in writing.

And now you can get it sent to yourself in the future! There is a web site where you can do just that! It could be really helpful in keeping your motivation going! Not as helpful as attending one of my courses obviously….but helpful all the same!

If you try it do let me know how you get on? And how do you keep your motivation going?


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2 Responses to “Inspire Yourself!”

  1. Ros Baynes says:

    Good idea. I know I achieve more in a week if I start on Monday morning with a list of projects that need completing by Friday – though I’m not saying I come near completing them all 🙂 So I’m sure the same applies to a longer term focus.

    • Jane says:

      Yes, I love lists too! Such a great feeling crossing off items. I haven’t actually used this site myself but am reliably told it’s very good. I’ll give it a whirl now. Jane

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