Inquire Appreciatively!

Appreciative Inquiry is based on the principle of doing more of what works, and not getting bogged down in the negativity of what doesn’t!

So here’s a simple exercise for you:

What works really well in your life right now?

Why is it working so well? What is your role in this, what skills, qualities and attributes are you bringing to bear on the situation?

What could you be doing more of in order to bring more of this success into your life?


Posted on July 14th, 2010 by

5 Responses to “Inquire Appreciatively!”

  1. I am not sure that I should be doing anything differently. I go through phases of working really hard opening doors and then just contempleting my next move. I always have a morning where I think about the business and the work I am doing and mull it all over. Thinking time is essential.

  2. I think I’m doing my social media stuff really well at the moment. In particular making new connections and enjoying them!

    …And, I guess, that’s what I could be doing more of too!

    A brief, but uplifting post, Jane. Thank you!

  3. Ed Han says:

    What’s working well: engaging people in an honest-to-goodness conversation when they seem like they could use it. Recently re-connected with a friend who informed me her new employer let her go.

    And I’m writing more now than I have in a long, long time: that’s been terrific!

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