How to Use Your Lunch Break Effectively!

Taking your full lunch break can be one of the most productive things you can do! You will work all the better for it (assuming you don’t spend it drinking alcohol and eating masses of high carbohydrate food; then you’ll fall asleep!)

Tips for Great Lunch Break

  • Avoid the rush and take it before or after peak hours.
  • Meet a friend and don’t talk work.
  • Go and give blood – you’ll feel very altruistic.
  • Try a short power nap, or siesta, but preferably not at desk…
  • Go to local library and browse.
  • Once a week use it to learn something new-Spanish?
  • Get outside in the fresh air, a park if possible.
  • Go window shopping.
  • Walk around local area as a tourist and look up. It’s amazing what you can see on buildings!

What has been the best lunch break you have ever had?


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