How to Cope with Worry

We all worry about life from time to time; it’s natural and probably necessary. But sometimes an ordinary amount of worry can get out of control and spiral into anxiety, eroding our enjoyment of life.

Here’s a tip I use when coaching to help clients control their worrying:

Coaching Exercise

Allow yourself to develop the worry. Take it to the extreme as in ‘What is the worst possible outcome?’ Simply articulating this can help enormously and if you can visualise yourself dealing with the worst case scenario it will help.

Then imagine what is the best possible outcome?

And finally, looking at all the evidence and information you have, what is the most realistic outcome?

How do you manage life’s wee worries? Do you have a favourite tip to share? I’d love to hear it!


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One Response to “How to Cope with Worry”

  1. liz says:

    Yes I certainly like the idea of thinking about the worse case scenario. It really helps people realise they are resourced to deal with things.

    I also encourage people to focus their energy towards a solution/outcome rather than an imagined worse case. A simple example is a leader who is worried that they have an unsupportive member on their team. Rather than waste energy worrying about this person and what they might do next – I encourage clients to focus their energy on something positive they can do around this situation. Some choose to sit down and have a conversation with the person, others realise they need to focus on the positive members etc etc. I find this really helps

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