Help! I need you!

Thanks for responding! I’m not drowning, but I would very much appreciate your help with a new project I’m planning, if you’re up for it?

If you’re a regular reader of the blog or newsletter, have been coached by me, or attended any of my courses, you will know that I work with tried and tested techniques. No gimmicks and no mad acronyms. Everything I do is based on:

  • years of experience of working with others to help them achieve their best,
  • respected research,
  • my  own continuing studies and evaluations received.

Similarly, my book is full of exercises I have successfully used over the years which I know work for people.

When I launch a new course I test it out first by offering it for free to specially selected groups (i.e. not my friends!), with follow up questionnaires as to effectiveness;  my coaching is based on the professional training I have received and many years of experience.

The Project

My  Renewyou programme has proved itself time and time again to help people make positive CHANGE in their lives. The drawback is I can only deliver it to a limited number of people at any one time …… up until now!

In response to requests from readers unable to attend my seminars in person, I have begun work on turning it into a download/workbook with audio so anyone can do it anytime, anywhere in the world.

Now you know I only deal in what works. I know the Renewyou seminar works because of the many testimonials I have received and because of the feed back from organisations who send staff to it. But I want to know how the programme works in a different format.

User Panel

I am assembling a User Panel to try out (for free) various exercises from the programme and give me honest feed back as to how easy it was to follow, effectiveness, etc. I’m looking for a large cross selection of ages, gender, (this course has worked equally well for men too) nationalities, and backgrounds.

If you are interested in becoming part of my user panel please send me a few details about yourself – I will respond to every person who applies.

Thank you! I am really looking forward to hearing from you!


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