Got Any Apples Needing Picking?

It’s autumn and I LOVE this time of year. It always feels like a time of great renewal for me when I plan my year. I do also have winter hibernating tendancies and I love to stock up the larder and freezer and generally bustle around ‘playing house’.

It’s also a time of plenty in the garden. This year in particular my two apple trees have produced a huge glut of fruit which have been hanging over me somewhat reproachfully, as I haven’t actually made more than a couple of pies. Apples are so plentiful here in Somerset that it’s almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t got masses, or access to them.

Of course, in a month or two they won’t be so abundant, so I feel compelled to do something with them now. But the sheer scale of the operation is so daunting that up until now I have just had it on my ‘should do’ pile.

Which is a bit like life in general isn’t it? Sometimes there are just too many possibilities, or a task seems so huge, that we just never get around to making a start and the apples go to waste (or to the birds and wildlife).

However, my choice isn’t a stark one between make hundreds of apple pies or none, although in my head it had become that. I don’t have the time or the energy at the moment to make my over ambitious number pies using all my apples so (in the spirit of the 30 minute rule) today I am going to make three. One to eat, one for my Mum, and one to freeze.  And having made a start, I may make a few more later in the week. The important thing is just to start…

Got any ‘apples’ that need picking this week?


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One Response to “Got Any Apples Needing Picking?”

  1. My husband and I spent the day in the yard after church. I thought of you as I worked on raking pine needles and flipping the compost heap… just because doing any thing in the garden reminds me of you. We dug three of the four quadrants and sent 6 bags to the yard waste site… Pine needles are way too much in abundance to mix with our other compost.

    I often bite off more than I can chew and procrastinate a project because I made it too big. My recent post about the mail was about this same thing. I do think we are connected somehow…

    I will work on little bites… three pies instead of 100… and enjoy the apples!

    Oh and I love your new photo on Twitter! I thought there was a new person talking to Jim (James) but she seemed to know him quite well… then I realized it was you! 🙂

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