Get Yourself Habit-Fit!

Habits can be good and habits can be bad. We need them so we can move effortlessly through life and change gear (literally and metaphorically) without too much thought.

But from time to time we all develop habits that are unhelpful to us, and some that are just pointless. Tackling these leaves more room for new and exciting things to emerge!


What habits do you have that are helpful to you? For example, you might have a habit of walking to get the newspaper every day, which helps clear your head and gives you some fresh air exercise. Equally, a period of ill health may mean you had your newspaper delivered for a while and, although you are now recovered, you may not have resumed the habit of walking every day!

As you go through today try and make a mental note of the habits you have that are ‘good‘, that enrich you (or the world at large) in some way, and those that are ‘bad’, that sap your energy and that contribute nothing positive to anyone.

And tomorrow, try to replace that habit with something else! It’s been estimated that it takes about three weeks to change a habit to so you’ll need to keep at it. Start with something small and build your confidence in your ability to change.

Get yourself habit-fit for winter!


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