Friendship and Moonwalking

Many of you will know that I took part this year in the Edinburgh moonwalk. Me and 10,000 others….

It was an amazing event, mainly women plus a few stalwart men. Everyone who took part was encouraged to wear a highly decorated bra, yes, men as well, with the theme of Mardi Gras. And most people were walking in memory or celebration of someone who had been touched by breast cancer; emotions were high.

Me and my mate, Sharon, opted for pink feathers, covering as much of the chesticle area as possible! My daughter Laura, and her cousin, wee Laura, were resplendent in matching painted bras, pink leg warmers, pink tutus, and pink fingerless gloves! They looked gorgeous and finished their 26 miles in record time.


And as I walked, I reflected upon the special nature of friendship and how extraordinarily rich I am in friends. I am a positive millionaire!

Just undertaking the walk itself came about as a result of the death of a very good friend from breast cancer – 30th October 2009: Ros Herbert. Ros was a nurse educator and every student nurse in Britain today will probably read something that she wrote; some legacy! This reflection on friendship is dedicated to her.

And then there is the aforementioned friend, Sharon, who did wonder, half way round the course, why she was my friend as I had somehow persuaded her that walking through the streets of Edinburgh in a bra at midnight would be a good idea! But she stuck with me and we got round together, taking turns to encourage each other. And we have had some fantastic training walks together (although with hindsight possibly not enough!) marvelling at the beauty of our glorious countryside.

Good friends support and encourage you in your challenges, even if they do secretly think you are bonkers!

I am not going to list all my wonderful friends or this will end up like an over emotional Oscar speech but there are many. Offering encouragement, support, a comforting hug or a friendly nudge, and of course, money in sponsorship. And one of the amazing things about doing the walk was the sponsorship that came from people I have never even met! The world of Twitter is quite amazing. I even had a donation from a lovely guy in the US (thank you Jamie)!

Your Wealth Audit

How well off are you? I don’t mean money: when it comes down to the wire, assuming you have enough to live on, money is not a guarantee of happiness. Research has shown that once a certain level of income is reached (and it’s not that high) happiness levels remain the same. Our happiness does not rise exponentially with our income. But it does rise with friendship. And happy friends make for more happy friends.

So, give yourself a quick audit. How many true friends do you have? What do they mean to you? What does friendship mean to you? Are you a good friend? And if you find yourself with less friends than you would like, what can you do to improve the situation?

“Friends are those rare people who ask how you are and then wait for the answer”

What’s your definition of a good friend?

If you’d like to read more about the Moon Walk click this link

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4 Responses to “Friendship and Moonwalking”

  1. Laura says:

    “And as I walked, I reflected upon the special nature of friendship and how extraordinarily rich I am in friends. I am a positive millionaire!”

    Was this in between wondering what on earth you were doing and how on earth you were going to climb Arthur’s Seat or at least see where you were going or simultaneously? :o) xx

    • Jane says:

      Thank you my darling and very practical daughter! Arthur’s seat was a low point, albeit a high one!

  2. Very rich myself that way, Jane! I have been blessed with friends from multiple sources and that seems to grow daily. I am grateful for my growing online friends that have literally expanded my network around the world. Common ground seems easier to find every day!

    Congratulations on finishing your goal and blessings on your future!

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