Free Book and Coaching Competition!

Well, it’s not really a competition as such, more of a request for some advice with a little inducement (at least I hope it is an inducement…)!

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TV Ideas?

Recently I’ve been having some interesting discussions about women’s programmes on TV. There are masses of lifestyle type programmes telling women what to eat, how to look, how to talk, how not to look, what not to eat, how to be a good wife, the list goes on! There aren’t a lot of programmes looking inwards, thinking about personal development issues (and if you know of some please tell me!)

What type of programme would you like to watch about women’s personal development? Bearing in mind the type of posts that I write and the courses I deliver, how would you like to see this represented on TV? Share your great ideas with me!

In return, the best suggestion will receive a signed copy of my book and one hour of coaching from me!

So come on, amaze me with your thoughts by clicking this link or sending a direct email to enquiries at

I’ll choose my best answer by mid May. THANK YOU!


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4 Responses to “Free Book and Coaching Competition!”

  1. Well, I’ve been thinking & wonder whether you could do the sort of discussion programme that they have on sundays but a bit more whizzy but not quite as extreme as Loose Women!

    will keep thinking!

  2. How about a show that includes true viewer participation as part of it?

    Discussion and positioning is always good, and seeing examples of other folk helps…

    But what I want from a show is something practical I can do … a direct exercise – perhaps play as you watch homework?

    Viewers could youtube their responses after they’ve completed them? Mixing the media channels …

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