End of the Weekend Blues?

If you often find yourself feeling a bit down as the end of the weekend approaches, maybe it’s time to think seriously about what you are doing the rest of the week!

When you feel fed up with your job it’s hard to motivate yourself. So you stay stuck in a place that doesn’t excite or inspire you.

Even though jobs are thin on the ground at the moment, you can take action to put yourself into the right place for when the jobs market picks up. There are still jobs out there but you have to be much more proactive.

Here’s an exercise adapted from ‘When Work isn’t Working’ which will help you start to take some control.


List all your friends, family,colleagues, acquaintances. Think widely across your network to include home, work, hobbies, faith groups, union/professional groups, everyone you can think of.


Now, take a long, hard, honest look. In that group who are your supporters? Supporters may include people who can offer you emotional support and those who can offer practical support. Differentiate between the two.

Who on your list might hold you back? You might find, surprisingly, that the same person can pop up in both camps. Friends or family who give you emotional support can be the same people who tacitly encourage you to stay where you are. It’s not done from malice, more a fear of change. When we change it impacts on those closest to us.

Look at your list and pick out those who can help you, either with new skills, introductions, experience, advice, enthusiasm or maybe signing up to an evening class with you, or introducing you to a networking group.

Have you asked them to help? Make a note in your diary to speak to them this week. Take back some control and  perhaps Sunday evenings will soon be your favourite time of the week. When you have a job you love, it really doesn’t feel like working at all!

What advice has worked for you?


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