Doing Nothing Can Be Good For You

“To Do Nothing Is Sometimes a Good Remedy” Hippocrates.

Despite the fact that the changing people web site is crammed full of information and ideas which usually involve doing something, today I’d like you to think about not doing anything!

How easy do you find it to do nothing? In my experience women often find it hard. I don’t just mean collapsing into an armchair with a steaming mug of tea and relaxing (although that’s a good ploy!) Rather I mean, actually not taking action, not rushing in to solve a problem, standing back and seeing if things resolve themselves without intervention.

Mothers and Children

If you have children you will know that sometimes you have to stand back and let them do their own thing, otherwise they don’t learn to stand on their own two feet (literally!). And you will know that it’s hard to stand back, especially when you care about someone. All our instincts are to rush in and rescue and sometimes that is exactly the right thing to do. But sometimes it isn’t.

Adults are no different. Sometimes we have to flounder around in the unknowing for a while to get to where we want to be. And we may have to do that without knowing where that end result is. Einstein spent hours upon hours staring out of the window doing nothing (well, he was thinking) but when he did do something it was great!

Do Nothing Today

Try it out today. If you are normally a person who rushes in to assist, try standing back a little (in an appropriate situation!).

And if you are someone who likes to plan her day to the max, always busy, try not doing that. Put a do nothing space in your diary. Experiment with allowing your day to unfold.

Try to leave a space of nothingness and see what happens.


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