Do You Remember…?

I was about to sit down and write you a great post this morning but somewhere between my bedroom, (where the thought came to me as I awoke) and my study, the great post evaporated! There is no remaining trace of it despite my best wracking of brain efforts.

So I am doing what I always do when I can’t remember something – I am stopping trying.

Now you may think that is rather defeatist of me but trust me, it works! When you have those momentary lapses of memory (which we all do) it is not advancing senility but simply a sign of an active mind! So stop adding to it’s activity, let it go, and quietly and calmly say to yourself:

It will come back to me

and it probably will!

As for that excellent post you were going to get….it’ll come back to me, soon!

What’s your best tip for remembering?


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6 Responses to “Do You Remember…?”

  1. Callie says:

    *hehe* Oh, I SO know that feeling! The only failsafe way of remembering for me is to trail around with my Things To Do book and pop my thoughts in it immediately; I am getting better at remembering to look at the TTD book :o)

    What works sometimes is for me to go back to the place that I thought of the idea IMMEDIATELY … but in my ever-advancing age (!) even this can let me down, as I get so easily distracted.

    I can’t wait to read the “real blog post” when you remember it, Jane!

    • Jane says:

      I like the idea of the book, Callie. Dictaphone is also good. But saying ‘it will come to me’ really does seem to work too! Give yourself a positive instruction with no pressure! Jane

  2. I’m a great advocate of lists. In my busy job at the LSE in London, I use highlighter pens.

    1: Draft to-do list
    2: As I start each item on the list, half highlight with yellow.
    3: When that item is completed, highlight with green.
    4: Anything left on the list at the end of the day gets added to next day’s list, thus reminding me where and when I am with each list and tasks on it.

    It seems contrived, but I am often distracted in IT Support with some people needed more immediate attentions, so these lists and highlighting system maintain the optimal level of my occasionally leaky memory vaults.

    • Jane says:

      Yes, I like lists too! Particularly with lots of colours! Now, where did I put my last list….. Only joking! Thanks for the helpful comment, Sebastiaan!

  3. Nice to see that this is a common failing, I was thinking that I was the only sufferer. Yes I have a notebook which I have to write everything down in. If I am given instructions to do something during the day, whilst I am still in bed in the morning, I can guarantee that it won’t be done when Wifey returns home unless it is written down. Great post Jane you have certainly struck a cord!

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