Deal With Stress The Simple Approach

I’ve chosen a short but very useful book for you this review. Deal With Stress is a book from the  Everywoman organisation, a great resource for women in business.

I’ve had the book a while but I still find it helpful. It starts with a useful little quiz to help you measure your stress levels and then moves sequentially through the signs and symptoms to strategies for tackling it.

It has  a clear no nonsense approach, making it easy to dip into and read. Here’s an extract from the book:

Step Two: Recognise the mental and physical impact (of dealing with stressful relationships and bullying)

Don’t be tempted to live with the difficulties of having a troublesome work colleague, or seek ways to minimise the impact he or she has on your working life. Avoidance tactics can be time consuming and stressful.

Focus on your own health as this may encourage you to tackle the issue rationally and try to reach an accommodation that will prevent you from jeopardising your health or feeling that you have to leave your job.

Step Three: Determine when the line has been crossed.

Often people find it hard to know whether the line of harassment has been crossed. If they confront the perpetrators, they can be accused of  ‘being a poor sport’, or worse. Such accusations are often levelled to mask what is going on and can seriously undermine the victim’s confidence.

The book is part of a series called The Simple approach and that is exactly what you get; easily understood practical and simple advice in a small, compact and reasonably priced package. Currently the books cost £6.99 and can be ordered through EveryWoman’s web site.


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